Q: Why Akana takes so long time to give the analysis result?
A: There are 2 reasons. The first one, unlike other on-demand decompile tool, we need to decompile all files to give user a whole picture of the apk file. The second one, our plugins are time consuming for we need to check the context of the sensitive operation. But believe me, Akana has been optimized to be the fastest app checking tool.

Q: What will you deal with my uploaded samples?
A: Each sample and analysis result will be preserved until it is not alive. If another user uploaded a sample with the same MD5 and SHA1, the pre-analyzed result will be shared to the new uploader (it is alive). If the sample has not been uploaded or not been used for long time (it is not alive), we will erase this sample for saving space consumption.


Q: Why not using dynamic analysis?
A: There are lots of dynamic analysis engine now, we do not want to do redundant work in the area. And we preferred that you should use our Akana and other dynamic analysis framework together to reveal the real intent of an app.

Q: What "Expired" means?
A: We have upgraded the IAE or plugins, you need to re-analysis your sample if you want to get a precise result.



We will be glad if you would give us advices about how to improve our IAE or plugins. Moreover, technical discussion about the safety of mobile app is also welcome HERE.